Newsletter Christmas 2013

Welcome to the Christmas Newsletter which keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on in the Martin Chambers Ecuador Trust charity. Since the previous newsletter, the charity has been busy fundraising in support of our poor sisters and brothers in Ecuador.

In addition, the recent big event was the exchange visit of our school group from St. Joseph’s Academy, Kilmarnock to Nueva Prosperina. As  well as giving you details of that visit and the fundraising events, this newsletter comes to say thanks for all the support you give towards the poorest and more vulnerable in Nueva Prosperina, Ecuador. Muchisimas Gracias!

  • Bienvenidos

  • Sponsor a Child’s Education

  • Charity Events

  • St. Joseph’s Academy Visit

  • Spotlight on Shirley Lemones

  • The Soup Kitchen

  • The Future of Sagradia Familia

  • Talk on the Life on the Missions

  • And finally… Wedding!

Real Christmas Appeal

One of the main aims of the charity is to support the education of our poorest friends in Guayaquil. Over the years we have been able to send money to Sagrada Familia School so that families, who cannot afford to pay for education, can send their children to our school. One thing we have learned over the years is that education is the only way out of poverty. This year we would like to make that system all the more personal. In the photo across the page; there are 30 children who are looking for you to sponsor their education for the coming academic year (April 2014 – February 2015).

If you wish to sponsor a child using a monthly direct debit please fill in the form attached to this newsletter and send to your bank. And we can make sure you are kept up to date with the progress of the child you sponsor. Could this be a Christmas present for this year?

  • £2 per month sponsors a child’s education part-time.
  • £5 per month sponsors a child in the Soup Kitchen.
  • £10 per month sponsors a child’s education for a year.
  • £20 per month sponsors a teacher for a year.

The school fees for the coming year are:
Primary School: £120
Secondary School: £125

Charity Events

Over the years many people have taken part in various charity events to raise funds for the Ecuador Charity. Here are three recent events:

  • In May of this year, Andrew Duffy, Sharon McNamara and myself took part in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. Andrew and Sharon ran the 10K while I went a little further and did the full 26.2 miles. All of this involved quite a bit of training – early mornings and late night runs – but in the end taking part with thousands of people through the streets of Edinburgh made it all the more worthwhile. People responded to this in a very generous way, eventually raising over £8,800!! Many thanks to all who supported this effort!

An unknown friend, Jordi Villegas, contacted the charity to say that he was climbing Mont Blanc to raise funds for the charity. Jordi is a Spaniard who is married to a girl form Guayaquil. She had heard of the work of Adela and the teachers at Sagrada Familia School and wanted to support the school in whatever way was possible. Although Jordi works in Hong Kong, he managed to make the journey to Western Europe’s highest mountain. A fitness fanatic, he took part in a large team effort to climb the 15,782ft. mountain. Health worries prevented him from actually reaching the summit but he is very glad that his friends and family supported him so well. He managed to raise over £1,400 for the Ecuador Charity. Muchas Gracias, amigo!

  • In September Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, East Kilbride organised a Sponsored Walk around the James Hamilton Heritage Park. This is becoming something of an annual event with everyone from children in prams to older parishioners making the effort for the Ecuador Charity. Many thanks therefore go to Fr. William Nolan and his parishioners.

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