Newsletter April 2010


There is hardly a week goes by without some sort of communication with Ecuador and our people in the shanty town of Nueva Prosperina in Guayaquil. It could be a phone call or an e-mail but they are always telling me how things are going for them. So this Newsletter comes by way of bringing you up to date with how things are going.

It is also a call to help with fundraising the various projects, in particular paying the school fees of the poorest children and also feeding them at our Soup Kitchen.

  • Edinburgh Marathon 2010

  • The ‘2 Hands’ Charity

  • Medical Centre

  • What’s happening at the school?

  • Talk on a “ life on the Missions”

  • Spotlight on Britanny Michelle

  • Are donations still coming in?

  • ‘Change for Ecuador’

  • Newsletter

  • And finally

  • More from “2 Hands” Charity

Edinburgh Marathon 2010

My cousin, Graeme, asked me way back in October to run this Marathon with him. I was a bit unsure whether I could do it since I am not an experienced runner. However, with the advice of several friends I have been following a training schedule, going out 2 or 3 times a week. So far I am up to running around two hours, but I know that I will have to run at lest double that to complete the race. The actual Marathon takes place on Sunday, 23 May in Edinburgh and I will be running to raise funds for the Ecuador Mission. I have included a sponsor form with this newsletter and hope that you can get as many sponsors as possible. I need your help in getting as many sponsors as possible. Please take this form and fill it in at work, amongst your friends. Or to make a donation or sponsor you can get in touch by email: or
by telephone me on 01563 5333597 (St Matthew’s Church).

The “2 Hands” Charity

Several years ago, while still on the Missions, I received a mail from a lady in England called Dianne Kidd. She said that she was setting up a charity to help fund Church and school projects in Ecuador. Would I be interested, they asked? Since making contact with them, they have done an amazing amount of sponsorship or our Nueva Prosperina projects: they funded much of the school building, and have now raise the money needed to build the Medical Centre. I was always astounded at their generosity. I was glad to use my Christmas break to travel down to Telford in Shropshire to say thanks for all that they have done for the poor people of Ecuador.

While down there, I celebrated Mass with many local people and visited Burton Borough School, which has done so much to help our projects. There is more from the “2 Hands Charity” on the back page. To our friends at the “2 Hands” charity, we say: Muchas Gracias.

Read the full April 2010 Newsletter here:

A4 Newsletter April 2010

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